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….Numerous internal rules, regulations and policies had to be written in Russian and translated into English. Tatiana translated numerous documents which were very specific and required very accurate translation. I highly appreciate Tatiana’s ability to perform the work fast and trying to understand very specific definitions. You can rely on her at any time. I highly recommend Tatiana as a skillful interpreter and a very positive and reliable person.

Tanya Malkova was my translator and personal assistant. Tanya is an excellent translator and interpreter with specialization in and deep knowledge of Banking and Finance, Legal and Compliance as well as IT. I can highly recommend the superb services by Tanya Malkova.

Tatiana has a unique professional ability to combine effectively a great knowledge in foreign languages with strong focus to business targets in financial industry. Her sophisticated approach in communication and attention to details make her a valuable member for any project and implementation teams with ambitious business goals. Will be glad to work with her again.

Tatiana is an excellent professional, and manages translation artistically even at most complex and sensitive meetings. More than once she was instrumental at negotiations related to financial and investment banking issues at top management level.

Tanya was my translator and personal assistant. At the time, I knew very little Russian and Tanya served as both simultaneous translator/interpreter in meetings and also translated all incoming/outgoing communication from my office. Her knowledge of both the Russian and English languages is very impressive. Her ability to properly translate (all nuances) is what makes her stand apart from any translator I have ever had. Without a doubt, Tanya helped me succeed in my job and be an effective manager. I HIGHLY recommend her for those seeking a translator partner in Moscow.

Tatiana is an excellent translator and interpreter. Tatiana interpreted many times in sensitive meetings with high-level …corporate employees. She has the ability to understand the meaning and nuance and communicate them correctly. Tatiana has a keen sense for details and her editing work is superb.

Tanya Malkova was my project assistant.… Working on the project, she helped me to establish and maintain good day-to-day business relations and cooperation with the client and other relevant parties involved in the project. Her excellent knowledge of English, attention to detail and understanding of the technical and legal language were very important in preparation and explanation of project documentation. Her simultaneous interpretation skills and ability to render the message of the speaker adequately helped to conduct negotiations and meetings in an efficient and positive way. Her ability to handle multiple tasks helped to run the office effectively.

Tanya Malkova … was Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director and was responsible for corporate issues, visas, translation services and preparation of contracts, as well as verbal translations at meetings and negotiations. Her responsibilities also included verbal translations at site meetings and translation of project documentation. Her ability to work with legal issues and our corporate offices in the USA was of great assistance. Her command of the English language and technical understanding of contract issues enabled her to be a strong asset in negotiations. Tanya would assist me when I would visit our Moscow office and continually demonstrated her ability to be professional as well as efficient. She could always be relied on to go above and beyond her required duties.

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